Smoked Pulled Pork Recipe - Using Meat Shredders Like A Boss!

You've come to the right place for a great Pulled Pork Recipe! We'll walk you through the steps, some tips, and how to shred the meat like a boss after it is finished.

Step 1: The Equipment

The next thing is proper equipment. Obviously, you will need a pellet grill/smoker. It doesn’t really matter what kind, just something that can hold low temps. We're Traeger fans.

You'll need a good wood selection. Look for high-quality hardwoods, such as pecan, apple or cherry and experiment with the flavors. We really like pecan as it leaves a light smoke flavor and burns really well.

You also need plenty of aluminum foil, allowing the meat to settle after cooking is almost as important as cooking the meat!

You should be cooking to a target temp, not to time. Having a high-quality temperature gauge and meat probe is essential for your success. Our favorite is probe is from BBQ Butler, but it will depend on what type of thermometer you have.

Something a little less common is a pair of Bear Paw Meat Shredders. We will show you why these are absolutely essential!

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Step 2: The Meat

A successfully pulled pork dinner starts with the meat selection. There are a few types of cuts used for pulled pork. Our favorites are the Boston Butt, or Pork Shoulder. The Boston Butt typically has the bone in and is the most common source of pulled pork in the southern region.  Pork shoulder is another commonly used name, and unlike the Boston Butt, it doesn't include a bone.

When selecting the meat, we like to look for organic pork, but any USDA cut will work just fine. You want to make sure there is no discoloration to the meat and double check the sell-by dates. Once you have the meat you can take two approaches; you can season the night before or do it a few hours before you start smoking it. The longer you let the spice set, the more flavor you get in the meat.

We like to use the bone-in cuts of Boston Butts and we like to get it about 8lbs. 8lbs will be feed between 6-8 people and provide some leftovers for other awesome BBQ recipes, such as pulled pork baked potatoes.

Step 3: Follow The Recipe


  • 1 Boston Butt
  • Bottle of mustard
  • Wood for smoking
  • Your favorite rub, or this homemade rub:
    • ½ cup of brown sugar
    • Two teaspoons of onion powder
    • Two teaspoons of garlic powder
    • One tablespoon of black pepper
    • ½ cup of salt
    • 2 Teaspoons of Cayenne pepper
    • 2 Tablespoons of Paprika


  1. After you remove the pork from the package and clean it, pat dry the pork with paper towels.
  2. Start the smoker with your favorite wood (Pecan wood is our choice). Set the temp at 225 Degree.
  3. Rub a good layer of mustard on both sides of the pork. The mustard may sound weird but allows the spices to stick to the meat and helps with a good crust.
  4. Apply the Rub
  5. Allow the meat to rest for 30 minutes (or overnight), then place the meat on the grill with the fat side down.
  6. If you want burnt ends cook until the internal temp reaches 190 degrees
  7. Another and faster option is to wrap the meat with the meat reaches 160 degrees and wrap it in aluminum foil and cook until the temp reaches 190 degrees.
  8. Once the internal temp reaches 190, pull the meat and wrap in additional aluminum foil and wrap in a towel.
  9. Place the meat in a cooler for at least 30 minutes, but it can stay in a high-quality cooler for well over 30 minutes and maintain the temp. Allowing the meat to rest, helps the juices to spread through the meat.
  10. When you are ready to eat grab the Bear Paw Meat Shredders.

Step 4: Shred the Meat with our Bear Paw Meat Shredders & Eat Up

The most enjoyably part for us when making pulled pork, is the actual pulling. To really soak up the moment, try our Bear Paw Meat Shredders. They act as an extension to your hands and allow for the fastest, most satisfying pull. Lift the meat out of the cooler or right off the grill, place it in your serving tray, dig in with the claws, and be amazed at what you've cooked up. Use the meat shredders to serve the pork, and all your guests will be asking questions. 

meat shredding

With a straightforward design and durable material, the Bear Paw Meat Shredders are a must have for serious BBQ’s. The meat shredders can also be used for tossing salad or handling any hot meal. They are also essential at Thanksgiving to lift that Turkey. Bear Paw Meat Shredders are made and packaged in America.

Additional Tips and Tricks

  • There are several methods to cooking pork but the most effective is low and slow. However, when you do not have time to wait, try the turbo version. You follow the recipe, but when the meat reaches between 130 and 160, wrap the meat aluminum foil and turn the heat up. We usually go to 350 degrees.
  • If you want more flavor in the meat, you can also use apple cider to spray on the meat during the cook. It will add a bit of sweet flavor and moisten it a little.
  • If you want more smoke flavor use Hickory wood, but you can also start smoking the meat at lower temperatures and increase gradually. We have started at 160 for 30 minutes, increasing the temperature every 30 minutes by 10 degrees until reaching 225. Doing this normally creates a beautiful smoke ring and provides a rich smoky flavor.
  • Burnt ends: many people discard the fatty part of the pork, but you want to try something different; cut little cubes of meat with fat. We like to wrap them in aluminum foil and cook beside the meat until darker in color and moist. They make for great dinner options or snacks.

Share Your Experience with Us!

We hope you enjoy this recipe and the tips we have provided. Don't forget to share your pictures with us on facebook, instagram, or youtube! We want to hear how it goes and if you have any other methods you use for the perfect pulled pork recipe.

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