Kill the Stocking Stuffer Game This Year With Our Bear Paw Meat Shredders!

Cooler air and darker nights are a lot more bearable knowing that the holidays are upon us. Christmas will soon be approaching, and in order to beat the holiday shopping rush, it’s best you start acting on it now. Choosing what to fill the stockings of your loved ones with can be a challenge you face with each year; changing it up and thinking of more clever items to add is an effort that most of us will attempt. We have an idea for you this year that will offer a little more fun and uniqueness than the traditional items you may be used to.

BBQ products aren’t often the first ideas that come to mind for gift giving, but with the innovative grills and smokers out there these days, BBQ and grilling are year-round pursuits. If you have a BBQ enthusiast in your life, we know they will enjoy the fun and convenience that comes with using Bear Paw Meat Shredders!

Meat Shredder Stocking Stuffer
If you haven’t already heard of this product, get ready to be amazed. These meat shredders are a must-have BBQ accessory that will create an easier experience to shred the turkey, beef, pork – or whatever the favorite meaty dish may be. Everyone wants to eat that giant turkey just pulled out of the smoker, but no one wants to prepare it. Pulling turkey can be hot on your hands and very time consuming with the traditional knife and fork. The Bear Paws meat shredders have sharp blades to perfectly shred the meat fast without a mess. They are easy to store, melt proof and dishwasher safe, so no special care is needed. You can even choose from an assortment of colors in black, red, grey, orange, or white, specific to your gift receiver!  

This gift costing under $15 is packaged to fit nicely in a stocking and will be better than the presents under the tree. So ditch the toothbrush, candy, gum, batteries, and socks! Just kidding, we all appreciate the essentials we traditionally get… But include something more unique and personal to that barbecue enthusiast in your life and gift them these amazing, Bear Paw meat shredders.  

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